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Kelsey | Naiad Nymph


Greek mythology has always fascinated me.  All of the quirky, imaginative creatures & stories... I still read them from time to time.  For this photoshoot with the lovely Kelsey, I wanted to use nymphs as inspiration.  In Greco-Roman mythology, they were spirits of nature, often imagined as beautiful maidens.  There were thought to be many types of nymphs, & each resided over their own territories (rivers, woods, mountains, seas, etc).  

We have beautiful springs in Florida, so we transformed Kelsey into a Naiad: a nymph who presides over fountains, springs, brooks, & other bodies of fresh water.  With very little time to shoot (since the first location we attempted was closed & got lost twice trying to find our way to another one), we were certainly in a bit of a rush.  But we had so much fun, climbing fences & trying to hide to stay as late as we could after the state park had closed... & I'm very happy to share the results with you now! :) 

Jeannie Albers